I am bewildered at the gay community strategy, reported recently in the Deseret News, to sue the Salt Lake City School District through the court system on its allegedly discriminatory implementation of its policy that has effectively left gay clubs out of the regular district school program. The gay community apparently has continued to ignore the democratic, representative process for the past three years now.

Diane, Cliff and Karen, three of the four board members who voted to effectively keep gay clubs out of schools, remain on the school board. For some reason, the gay community - from what I heard - ran a candidate against Ila, one of three board members who voted "against" the club policy and failed to support Roger who also voted "against" the club policy and who eventually lost in his re-election effort as well as a pro-gay candidate. Cliff had little opposition in his re-election. Lee Martinez, a former councilman who supported a gay-oriented city ordinance, received little support from the gay community and lost his election. And now this past month, Karen finds herself unopposed for re-election (though I personally respected her as a former school board col-league).As I've mentioned before, it seems the gay community deserves what it gets. And what it will get from its lawsuit is legal bills (though some will volunteer their time), richer lawyers (some being state government attorneys), taxpayers who will foot these bills, and the school board (with its present makeup) having to perhaps close more clubs instead of allowing gay clubs into its schools. I would much rather have seen the time, money and energy spent not in a courtroom but out on the campaign trail trying to educate the public and using the political process to fight for change. For for now, it seems like we will all lose.

Tab L. Uno

Salt Lake City