Two Hunter High School seniors were taken into custody Wednesday for allegedly counterfeiting school lunch tickets on a home computer over a two-month period.

An investigation into the alleged scam began after a cafeteria employee caught a student trying to buy lunch with a counterfeit ticket on March 19, said Lt. Charles Illsley.The student led police to another student who had given him the ticket, Illsley said. During the investigation, police found other individuals who had received counterfeit tickets from the same student.

Apparently, the student and a friend had used his father's personal computer to "mass produce identical counterfeits," Illsley said.

Except for the fact that the paper the fake tickets were printed on was of a slightly lighter shade of blue and that they were hand cut, the $1.25 counterfeits "look like the original," Illsley said.

A male senior has been charged with forgery, a third-degree felony. A 17-year-old male student was also taken into custody and turned over to juvenile authorities.