Congratulations, Utes, on a terrific season and run through the NCAA tournament. As a father, soccer coach and member of this community, I want to thank you for the tremendous example you have been. You exemplify the ideologies of hard work and teamwork that are germane to the heritage of the state of Utah. You have shown what great things can be accomplished in any walk of life through teamwork and great effort.

As the coach of a soccer team, I have tried to instill upon members of my team the virtues of giving their all in a team effort to win a game. You have given me the best possible example I could ever have to epitomize this concept. I will use your example for my soccer team, but more importantly as a father, I will hold your team in high esteem and encourage my children to follow your great examples.You have also amazingly united a community oft divided by blue, or red, or navy, or whatever color is worn by someone's favorite team. Never have I seen so much support from would-be rivals. For a few brief hours, friendly rivals simply became friends and joined together in supporting your efforts. This is one Ute fan who promises to reciprocate that support whenever the occasion may arise.

Simply put, I've never been more proud to be a Utahn, never more proud to be a member of this community, and I've never been more proud to be an alumnus of the University of Utah than I am right now. Thanks for a great ride and for the lifelong lessons that can be garnered from the successes you have achieved by being the consummate example of teamwork.

Rudy Schenk

Salt Lake City