Gallantly, I strolled from the graduation line to the unemployment line. I was ready. This was it. The hard years of studying were about to pay off. All I needed was my diploma, my ticket to the world. I was a college graduate, and I was in demand. A vision of employers beating down my door danced in my head. I had arrived.

After a week at home with my parents, the elation wore off. I started looking for a job. Surprisingly enough, the theory that education will get me a job (so cunningly sold by institutions of higher education) was just that - a theory. I find most employers primarily want experience first, then education. I had jumped into the job market with no more preparation than a lemming.Since my graduation, I have learned some very powerful lessons. I have realized that the same weirdos I was assigned to work with on papers in college actually exist in the real world. I have discovered connections are important. Patience is essential. Chocolate and Diet Dr Pepper still work as medicine. And finally, I have learned that even the most educated people have to spend time looking for jobs.

My dreams are still magnificent. My potential is still limitless. My future is illuminated with success. I need to find a way to get that on my resume.

Shantell Ogden

Salt Lake City