For almost 70 years, the American Kennel Club's "The Complete Dog Book" has been considered the bible for dog lovers.

But the venerable Kennel Club is recalling the book's latest edition amid howls from pet owners who objected to its descriptions of some of the nation's most popular dogs - including Scotties, Dalmatians, dachshunds and 37 other breeds - as unsuitable for children.Some breeds with more dangerous reputations, like the American pit bull and the Doberman pinscher, were cited as good with children.

Within days of the new edition's release, breeders and owners complained that the new classifications were unfair and uninformed.

The Kennel Club reacted as if it had been caught sleeping on the furniture, apologizing for the unintentional errors in the $33 book and announcing a recall of the entire 30,000 first printing of the book that has sold 2 million copies since 1929.

"The AKC sincerely regrets the distress caused to dog owners and breeders by the errors," the club said in a statement Wednesday. "AKC neither agrees with nor endorses the material."

The Kennel Club blamed the mistake on a change in format "without proper vetting."

The recently released 19th edition of the AKC book carried new information boxes for each breed with data such as size, trainability and ratings as to suitability with children.

Dogs cited as "not good" with children include Chihuahuas, toy poodles and whippets and Scottish terriers. But those citations sometimes contradict the book's more detailed remarks about temperament.