Unknowingly, I rented an apartment to a federal parolee (a white-collar felon), and after a couple months, I received a call from his probation officer, who was angry at the man for failing to inform the probation office of his change of address. Angry? That's all, just angry.

Later when the parolee skipped out owing back rent, I was told that the probation office was "not a bill-collection agency," and that I would have to take the parolee to court to get my money. No, the Utah federal parole office could not give me his address so papers could be served. And no, they would not even serve the papers, themselves, nor would they assist an authorized constable to serve the papers.In fact, a constable tried and was "unable to serve" the papers. Talk about a rip off of the public. What is going on with the federal probation "service" in Utah? The whole program sounds more like federal vacation than federal probation.

Roger E. Carrier