Something needs to be said about global warming, and it is this: Don't believe it. At least, don't believe there is any scientific justification for the theory that human (or any other) carbon dioxide emissions are causing an increase in global temperatures. There is, however, plenty of reason to believe in it, and fear it, as a political initiative.

Global warming makes a lot more sense when viewed from the political perspective. Because the availability of inexpensive energy is the key to prosperity and progress, the ability to regulate access to energy will provide a mechanism for wielding enormous power over practically every aspect of modern life.If we let the global warming alarmists fool us into believing them, we will eventually end up with a swarm of regulators, perhaps under the auspices of the United Nations, telling us how much energy we may consume, with stiff penalties for those who don't comply. Goodbye, private transportation. Hello, higher prices for everything whose production and delivery requires the consumption of energy. In other words, everything. It will constitute a very serious erosion of economic liberty, leading possibly to complete loss of what freedom we have left.

The truly monumental disaster associated with global warming will be the political and economic consequences of paying heed to those who promote it as science when it is, in fact, nothing more than an attempt to enslave us.

Kerry Thompson

North Salt Lake