A Taiwan Buddhist master, escorted by other Buddhist leaders, carries a sacred tooth relic believed to be of Lord Buddha in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Thursday. The tooth was flown in from India by way of Thailand. The relic is thought to be one of three teeth of Buddha in existence. China, Taiwan's rival since a 1949 civil war split, said Wednesday that the so-called third tooth of Buddha, given to Taiwan by Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche Kunga Dorje, lacks proper scriptural verification. The state-controlled Chinese Buddhist Association said there are only two verifiable teeth of the Buddha and they reside in Beijing and in Sri Lanka. But Taiwanese have dismissed China's questioning of the authenticity of the relic, saying it is not worth arguing over the issue. Buddhist Master Hsing Yun told reporters in Taipei, "For a wonderful thing like this, it is meaningless to argue over what exactly is real and what is false."