Salt Lake police met with sororities and fraternities at the University of Utah Tuesday in the wake of two break-ins at a sorority house, one of which resulted in a sexual assault.

Police are looking for the same suspect in both incidents where a man broke into the Chi Omega house at 1435 E. 100 South.The most recent attack occurred Sunday when a 20-year-old woman awoke shortly after 5 a.m. and found a man standing next to her, a Salt Lake police report said. The woman sleeps in the top bunk of a bunk bed, and the woman told police the man was standing on the bottom bunk.

The man grabbed the woman and fondled her. When she screamed he left the room, the report said. However, he "didn't seem like he was in any hurry to leave," she told police. When the man left a few minutes later, he closed the door quietly, the report said.

The woman got up and called police. Police believe the man entered the house through a bathroom window, which he opened from the outside and then cut the screen.

A week before this attack, at about the same time of day, a man entered the same sorority house and tried to get into bed with a different woman, a Salt Lake police report said.

The woman, who was sleeping at the time, woke up and asked the man what he was doing. He said, "I guess I'm in the wrong place," according to the report.

The man then got out of the bed, put on his shoes and left. When asked how he got inside the house, the woman said he told her, "Someone let me in." After the woman reported the incident to police, they found that two of the basement windows had been broken.

The woman also found a bra and panties on her floor that didn't belong to her.

Police are warning sorority and fraternity members to be extra careful in light of these events. Among the advice are admonishments not to go out alone and to make sure doors and windows are locked.