A Clinton man accused of sexually assaulting four teenage girls with the help of his wife has turned down a plea agreement.

At a hearing in 2nd District Court on Tuesday, Alex Lopez rejected the plea bargain, opting instead for trial.Police say Lopez and his wife, Barbara Lopez, both 39, sexually assaulted the girls after gaining their trust by buying them clothes, supplying some with drugs and generally acting as friends and parental figures.

Barbara Lopez faces a total of eight felony counts, including object rape, child rape, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

Alex Lopez faces 10 similar felony counts stemming from the alleged incidents. Barbara Lopez also faces one third-degree felony count of witness tampering.

During Tuesday's hearing, Paul Brown, Alex Lopez's attorney, asked Judge Jon Memmott for permission to withdraw from the case, saying that it would be "a great financial burden for him to have to take the case to trial."

Brown also said the couple is out of money and can't afford to continue paying him.

Memmott said he was unhappy about Alex Lopez's apparent change of heart and that it was his understanding the matter would be resolved outside of trial.

Davis County prosecutor Steve Major said his office is working on a plea agreement with Barbara Lopez that he believes she will accept.