Iran acquired several nuclear warheads from a former Soviet republic in the early 1990s, an Israeli newspaper reported Thursday, saying the warheads have been maintained by Russian experts.

The Jerusalem Post said it had obtained Iranian government documents relayed to Israel that detailed Iran's successful attempts to acquire nuclear warheads.Russian Atomic Energy Ministry spokesman Georgy Kaurov dismissed the report as "nonsense."

However, the Post said that the documents, which it said had been authenticated by American experts, supported reports from 1992 that Iran received enriched uranium and up to four nuclear warheads from the former Soviet republic of Kazakstan.

The acquisition was made with the help of Russian underworld figures, the newspaper said.

One document, dated Jan. 2, 1992, quotes an engineer as saying that nuclear warheads were being stored at a military camp near the Iranian capital, and that he was waiting for Russian experts to come to repair them.

Kaurov said all nuclear warheads produced in the former Soviet Union are individually registered and numbered.