A four-vehicle accident closed part of I-15 for three hours Wednesday afternoon, slowing traffic to a crawl.

About 1:15 p.m., a stalled vehicle on the northbound lanes of the freeway caused traffic to slow near 10000 South, said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Verdi White II. In the slowdown, a semitrailer truck ran into the back of another semi.The momentum caused the second truck to slam into a car and a third semitrailer truck to collide with the second truck.

Only the driver of the first truck was injured. However, the wreck shut down the northbound lanes of the freeway.

In addition, during the accident about 100 feet of cement center dividers were pushed into one of the southbound lanes of the freeway, leaving only one lane open to traffic, White said.

Northbound traffic up to the Point of the Mountain came to a complete stop, White said. Southbound traffic backed up to about 7200 South.

The injured man was treated at the scene and released. The road was fully open about three hours later.