NEW DELHI - Hundreds of children joined a global march in India's capital to demand education instead of labor in farms, factories and homes of the rich.


AJACCIO - The French justice minister and the government representative in Corsica, whose predecessor was shot dead two months ago, have received death threats from suspected separatists, a prominent French newspaper reported.


BONN - A senior member of the outlawed Kurdish separatist party, the PKK, has been arrested on suspicion of ordering a series of arson attacks on Turkish properties in Germany, prosecutors said.


NOVOSIBIRSK - Thousands of angry workers took to the streets in Russia's Far East and Siberia to protest at mounting wage arrears, but many more appeared to have ignored calls for a nationwide day of action.


KHARTOUM - Sudan's president said that students who do well on university entrance exams can suspend their compulsory military service or finish it later in order to attend university.


MADRID - A Spanish investigation into World War II gold shipments has concluded that Spain was not involved in illegal purchases of looted Nazi gold, newspapers reported.


HANOI - A small group of tribal rebels who once waged a drawn-out guerrilla war against Vietnam's communists has been found deep in the jungle in a southern province, police said.


LONDON - British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook married his secretary in a ceremony brought forward by 10 days, apparently to avoid the attentions of the world's press.


ROUMIEH - Rebellious inmates at Lebanon's largest prison took several policemen hostage on the third day of their jail revolt, officials said.


KIEV - Ukrainian Foreign Minister Hennady Udovenko resigned after winning a seat in parliament, Ukrainian news agencies said. A Foreign Ministry spokesman could not confirm the reports.


KIGALI - Suspected Hutu rebels killed at least 26 people in a town in central Rwanda where four months ago they set loose prisoners believed involved in the 1994 genocide, a top army officer said.


COLMAR - The pilot of an Airbus A320 jetliner that crashed during a 1988 air show, killing three people, was sentenced to 10 months in jail by an appeals court.

Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - Disease and hunger have killed at least 200 refugees trapped in eastern Sierra Leone, where fighters loyal to the West African nation's ousted miltary junta remain active, a government spokesman said.


PRISTINA - Chanting "Freedom!" and "Independence!," thousands of Kosovo Albanians marched today to protest Serbian rule.

South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - Pigs might fly but not to advertise cellular phones, a South African mobile phone retailer discovered this week. Cellular phone network provider MTN had to withdraw an advertisement featuring flying pigs and apologise to Moslem customers for causing offence.