Macey's is moving to Provo, but Macey's will still be in Orem as well.

The smaller of the two Macey's in Orem - the one in Carillon Square on University Parkway - is relocating to the site abandoned by Best Stores in the Riverside Plaza area at 1350 N. State St. in Provo.The larger Macey's on 800 North and State in north Orem is staying put.

According to Ken Macey, owner of the Macey's Food and Drug stores, the new store in Provo will match the size of the 800 North store - with 60,000 square feet of retail space. Included will be a bank service, video rental area, butcher shop, a food deli, a pharmacy and a full-scale supermarket.

Macey said the lease for the space in Carillon Square is expiring and the owners would prefer a tenant that is not a grocery store. Expanding to Provo will allow Macey's to increase in size and employ 250 employees instead of 65.

The projected opening is set for October 1998.