Legislative and local government leaders called on the Salt Lake Organizing Committee Wednesday to name Ken Bullock to an elite group of Olympic decision-makers.

Bullock, the executive director of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, is already a member of the SLOC board of trustees. Thursday, trustees are expected to decide whether he can join the board's powerful executive committee.The 1998 Legislature and communities throughout the state support putting a local government representative on the executive committee, now made up of 11 members including Gov. Mike Leavitt and Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini.

"We believe the Legislature has spoken," House Speaker Mel Brown, R-Midvale, said. "Now's the time to include the cities and towns that are paying some $30 million-plus of their taxpayers' dollars to be part of the process."

Taxpayers contributed a total of $59 million toward the facilities - money that otherwise would have been split between state and local governments. Olympic organizers take over the facilities next year and have promised to repay the investment.

Brown was joined at a press conference at the Capitol Wednesday by Senate President Lane Beattie, R-Bountiful, as well as local officials from Bountiful, Sandy and Salt Lake and Davis counties.