When children in a drug awareness program at two Lehi schools heard last month that BYU basketball player Ron Selleaze had been cited for possession of marijuana, they were devastated.

Selleaze told 180 kids at their DARE graduation March 18 to avoid drugs. Just two days earlier, he had been cited by Provo police."He gave a great talk and told the kids how important it was to stay off drugs," said detective Kathy Stewart, DARE coordinator for Lehi police. "He wasn't honest with the kids, and I think he owes them an apology."

When Selleaze and teammate Jared Peterson spoke at two DARE graduations, Stewart didn't know about Selleaze's citation. But Selleaze should have told the students about it, Stewart said.

"I think he should have just called me and said, `I can't do this,' or at least have been honest enough with the kids to say, `I made a mistake,' " Stewart said.

Many of the kids were upset and disappointed when they found out Selleaze had been cited, and some no longer wanted to keep the autographs he had given them, Stewart said.

The detective sent a letter to Selleaze expressing her shock and disappointment that he would talk at graduation knowing about the citation. She told Selleaze that he had reflected badly on himself and BYU.

Stewart said she's concerned the situation will hurt the DARE program, and it has made her wary of graduation speakers.

Selleaze was charged March 26 with possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor. He is scheduled to appear in 4th District Court April 15.