Calling all grapes

We're in the process of "stylin' " the Deseret News test kitchen - seriously searching for your tired and disgarded bunches of glass grapes.If you feel the urge to enshrine your dusty Orbs O' Glass, drop by our office and donate them to our hysterical . . . er, historical Kitchen Cabaret. You'll receive a brand new, currently trendy cookbook in exchange for those dreadful grapes that have been taking up all that closet space.

We're at 30 E. 100 South. Each bunch of grapes will be named after the contributor: you.

What an honor.

Behind every name . . .

Pez: German for "Phefferminz"

Dannon yogurt: The owner's son named "Daniel"

Tabasco: Mexican river

Where products were first made

Breyers ice cream: in inventor's kitchen

Welch's grape juice: in inventor's kitchen

Heath Bars: in inventor's kitchen

Steinway piano: in inventor's kitchen (built as a gift for his wife)

Farfel's favorites

"N-E-S-T-L-E-S . . . Nestles makes the very best . . . " frozen novelties.

We sampled the creamy Nestle Drumstick Supreme Triple Chocolate sundae cone (a delicious mouthful) and the Nestle Cool Creations Tigger Tails Ice Pops . . . grrrrrreat!

Our favorite, with only 70 calories and 0 fat, was another new product: Dole Limited Edition Fruit 'N Juice Lemonade Bars.

Get ready for summer!

Delicious definitions

Profiterole: (pruh-FIHT-uh-rohl) A miniature cream puff filled with either sweet or savory mixture. Savory profiteroles are usually served as appetizers. One of the most famous desserts made with these tiny pastries is the elaborate CROQUEMBOUCHE (a cone-shaped stack of profiteroles surrounded by spun sugar.)

The finished product resembles Big Hair.

Be good to your food and your food will be good to you

Food expert Elaine Corn (great food name!) says: If you love olive oil (the best quality is "extra virgin"), try to use up your bottle within a year. You won't like what rancid oil will do to your salad dressing. Stave off rancidity by storing all oils in a cool, dark place, such as a cabinet away from the stove.