Organizers of a petition drive to change Weber County's form of government believe they have enough signatures to put the issue before voters.

An election could be held as early as this November, though commission chairman Glen Burton said he will seek a delay to allow more study.Deyonne Walker, chairwoman of the Weber County Citizen Committee, said the petition drive hit 10,500 signatures last week - more than 20 percent above the minimum needed to put the issue on the ballot.

After submission of the petition, expected before the weekend, the county clerk has 30 days to verify that at least 8,574 of the signatures are those of registered voters. The County Commission then has 18 months to hold an election.

The petition asks that the proposal be put on November's general election ballot, but commissioners are not required to do so.

However, Walker said any other date would mean paying for a special election, which costs about $50,000.

The petition proposes that the county's three full-time commissioners be replaced with a seven-member county council, whose members would serve part time and be paid just $3,300 a year.

A full-time county administrator would also be elected and paid $60,000 a year.

Currently, Weber's three commissioners each make $65,000 a year.

Council members would each represent a specific section of the county and be elected only by the voters in that area. Only the county administrator would be elected countywide.

Burton said that instead of putting the measure on the November ballot he wants to hold it for further study by a citizens committee.

Only two counties in Utah, Grand and Cache, have adopted the council form of government.

Walker said if the measure is put on the November ballot and approved, there would be a two-year transition period before the council takes over.