Are the salaries of burn plant and landfill employees of the county's Wasatch Energy Systems District too high?

Several new board members suspect they may be and questioned tacking on more financial incentives to an already over-lucrative pay scale.At the district's April board meeting recently, board member Max Hill, a Sunset City councilman who joined the board in January, said the pay scale seems a bit high.

Hill divided 58, the number of district employees, into the $3.4 million salary figure for the 1997-98 budget and came up with $58,400 average salary for each employee.

Despite such objections, board members approved several district employee incentive award programs by a majority vote.

Similar salary questions among board members have arisen in previous years, always coming from the new board members. Veteran board members seem comfortable with the salaries.

Hill also said his city, Sunset, operates on just a $2.5 million annual budget and serves 5,000 residents in the process.

District finance director Dave Van De Graff said the $3.4 million number is not a pure salary figure.