President Thomas S. Monson

First Counselor, First Presidency

The gospel can bring the ultimate comfort - "the peace . . . which passeth all understanding" - during a turbulent mortal existence.

"There seems to be an unending supply of trouble for one and all. Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required."

Whenever church members are burdened, they should remember that others have passed the same way, have endured and then have overcome.

"You can't run away from trouble; there's no place that far."

And yet, "From the bed of pain, from the pillow wet with tears, we are lifted heavenward by the divine assurance and precious promise, `I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.' "

The assurance is rarely communicated loudly, but rather by the Spirit, which is gentle and quiet.

"Lest we question the Lord concerning our troubles, let us remember that the wisdom of God may appear as foolishness to men; but the greatest single blessing we can learn in mortality is that when God speaks and a man obeys, that man will always be right."

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Quorum of the Twelve

Latter-day Saints believe they are saved by grace, but only after all they can do.

"And what is `all we can do'? It surely includes repentance and baptism, keeping the commandments and enduring to the end."

Members are not saved in their sins but saved from their sins by repentance and a cleansing through the grace of God.

Are Latter-day Saints born again? "Yes. We were born again when we entered into a covenant relationship with our Savior by being born of water and of the Spirit by taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ. We can renew that rebirth each Sabbath when we partake of the sacrament." But "we must still keep our covenants and endure to the end."

Why does the church send missionaries to other Christians? "Our message, the restored gospel, makes an important addition to the knowledge, happiness and peace of all mankind."

It's a matter of both principle and practicality. "We teach that there remains more to be learned and more to be experienced."

Elder W. Eugene Hansen

Presidency of the Seventy

"Children are a heritage of the Lord" and parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness.

"Husbands and wives - mothers and fathers - will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations."

Much needs to be done to reverse current trends in society that put the family at risk. In desperation, society turns to secular programs to change these destructive paths.

"While some spotty successes are observed, general trends remain alarming. I submit that if real and lasting change is to occur, it will come only as we return to our spiritual moorings. We need to be listening to the counsel of the prophets."

Today's parents still need to give each child opportunities to contribute to the well-being of the family. Such children are happier and there is a spirit of love and unity in the home.

Strengthening families doesn't just happen. It takes time, commitment, prayer and work.

"Keep nurturing and loving your children."

President Margaret D. Nadauld

General Young Women president

As the Easter season approaches, Latter-day Saints rejoice in the most meaningful invitation ever extended to mankind - to come unto Christ.

"The Savior extends his generous invitation simply because he loves us and he knows we need him. He can help and heal us. He understands us because of his own experiences. . . . We want to come unto Christ because it is only in him and through him that we can return to the Father."

It pleases the Lord when his children reach out to another, to give help along the way and to bring another closer to Christ.

"He feels what we feel; he knows our heart. It was his mission to wipe away our tears, cleanse our wounds and bless us with his healing power."

It is the mission of the Young Women organization to help young women grow spiritually and come unto Christ. "I pray that parents of precious young women all over the world will be ever thankful for the stewardship they have to guide their daughters with love. May leaders of these young women understand the everlasting importance of their assignment."

Elder Henry B. Eyring

Quorum of the Twelve

The ultimate purpose of the gospel is to unite husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, ancestors and finally all the family of Adam and Eve - all who will choose it - to a unity of the faith in Jesus Christ.

"The requirement that we be one is not for this life alone. It is to be without end."

The Savior's atonement makes it possible for all to be sanctified by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. When that is accomplished, members "can then live in unity, as we must to have peace in this life and to dwell with the Father and his Son in eternity."

The true spirit of the Lord "never generates the feelings of distinctions between people which lead to strife. It leads to personal peace and a feeling of union with others. It unifies souls. A unified family, a unified church and world at peace depends on unified souls."

Breaking some commandments destroys unity. "Some have to do with what we say and some how we react to what others say. We must speak no ill of anyone. We must see the good in each other."

President Gordon B. Hinckley

President of the church

The individual testimonies of Latter-day Saint members comprise the great strength of the church.

Such conviction "is the wellspring of faith and activity. It is difficult to explain. It is difficult to quantify. It is an elusive and mysterious thing, and yet it is as real and powerful as any force on the Earth."

Testimony is something that cannot be refuted. Opponents can be clever and persuasive. But when a member testifies, "I know," there can be no argument.

"We grow in faith and knowledge as we serve, as we study, as we pray."

It is personal testimony that turns people's lives around.

"This is the element which motivates the membership to forsake all in the service of the Lord. This is the quiet, encouraging voice which sustains without pause those who walk in faith down to the last days of their lives."

Testimony is a gift from God to man and overrides wealth or poverty when one is called to serve.

"It is what is moving the work of the Lord forward across the world. It impels to action. It demands that we do what we are asked to do."