A city-supported literacy program will continue under a county literacy effort.

The program, threatened with cancellation last month when director David Shumway quit, will tie in with the Provo Family Literacy Project, but won't save city funds.The City Council was considering ending the Read-to-Succeed program, which teaches people how to speak English. Keith Morey, city administrator, said Shumway had been encouraging the city to look to a county-wide project to run the program because funding had been dwindling.

Tying in with the Family Literacy Project means the city will no longer have to seek grants to help fund the program. But the city contribution - $36,000 this year - will remain, he said. The total cost is about $70,000, but grants cover the rest of the costs. The city will still have to fund the salaries for part-time employees, but will no longer need a full-time position to run Read-to-Succeed.

The program serves mostly Hispanic people from the Payson area, but some students come from surrounding areas, said Alma Guzman, a tutor with Read-to-Succeed. Morey said many of the students are migrant workers who come to the Payson area to work and children having a hard time learning English in school. The program, offered for free, occupies four rooms of the city library.

Morey recommended tying in with the Family Literacy Project to administer the reading program after contacting Nebo School District and area churches to see if another entity would want to take it over. Nebo runs a community education program that also teaches English as a second language.

But Councilman Duane Frisby said the city program does more. "They also learn citizenship, how to function in this country and daily living skills," he said.