Police rescued a French man and a Colombian woman and captured four kidnappers holding them hostage, a television station reported.

The two hostages, identified as Paul Pierre and Maria Claudia Sanchez, had been kept for a month in a house in Cali, 155 miles southwest of the capital Bogota, police told NTC television on Sunday.The four people arrested Sunday were all apparently linked to drug traffickers, police said.

Colombia has the world's highest kidnapping rate, with common criminals and leftist rebels often demanding large ransoms to free their captives.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the nation's largest rebel group, has been holding three American bird-watchers and an Italian businessman since March 23. One of the three is Todd Richard Mark, 32, Houston, a graduate of Brigham Young University. A fourth bird-watcher, Thomas Fiore of New York, escaped from the rebels Thursday.