Meg Ryan has written and rewritten a screenplay about Sylvia Plath, reports the Times of London, and is planning to star in a movie about the suicidal poet.

The London newspaper says Ryan will put most of the blame for the suicide on Ted Hughes, Plath's husband. Hughes is expected to try to stop the movie by claiming that it poaches on his best-selling book "Birthday Letters."Ryan's home study is filled with Plath memorabilia, a friend told the Times. "Meg is taking Plath very seriously, seeing her as a way of breaking with her own fluffy past."

Asked to comment on the prospect of Ryan playing Plath, critic Camille Paglia was, as usual, critical. "The prospect is too horrible for words," she said. "I cannot bring myself to believe it. . . . The cutesy role model who set American women back 20 years wants to play a real woman who helped us forward? It's too depressing. How do you film a poet anyway?"

- By Leah Garchik