We've all read travel articles that make us hanker to take a similar trip or vacation - then make us cringe when we find out, by article's end, how much it would cost.

Travel guru Arthur Frommer wants you to know he feels your pain - and has taken steps to ease it with the launch of a quarterly magazine called Budget Travel. Its motto is "Vacations for Real People," and there's never been a travel magazine quite like it.Many newsletters are devoted to travel values, and most travel magazines at least touch on good deals each issue. But keeping travel costs down is the soul of Budget Travel, and Frommer - the original Europe-on-$5-a-day man - has produced a glossy guide so full of value-minded advice that it could take you years of vacationing to take advantage of what the first issue alone has to offer.

In one of the first issue's best pieces, the magazine followed four families with a $2,500 budget to the Orlando area, tracked their spending, then second-guessed them, making insider suggestions on how they could have reduced their costs.

Occasionally the magazine has a self-righteous tone, chastising glossy travel magazines "that have never in their entire existence faulted a decision by a potential source of full-page ads."

A four-issue subscription to Budget Travel costs $14.95 and can be ordered by sending a check or money order to Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, Box 420772, Palm Coast, Fla. 32142, or calling 800-829-9121.