Let's assume you're going to Paris this summer. You want to know the least expensive way to get from the airport to the Champs-Elysees.

Or you'd like to take a boat from southern Spain across the Strait of Gibralter to Morocco. Where do you catch it and do you need reservations?Where do you find answers to your questions?

You could check with your travel agent, buy a guidebook or contact a foreign government tourist office (FGTO). Most FGTOs are in New York City, but a few are on the West Coast (i.e. Los Angeles, San Francisco).

If you're traveling on your own, the information provided by them will be worth the long-distance phone call.

Most of the FGTOs are on the information superhighway, too.

Here are phone numbers and Web sites for as many FGTOs as we could track down.

Argentina Tourist Information Office: 212-765-8833

Australian Tourist Commission: 805-775-2000: (australia.com)

Austrian National Tourist Office: 212-944-6880, (www.anto.com)

Belgium: 212-758-8130, (http://www.visitbelgium.com)

British Tourist Authority (England, Scotland and Wales): 1-800-462-2748, (www.visitbritain.com)

China National Tourist Office: 212-760-8218, (www.travelfile.com/get/chinanto.html)

Danish Tourist Board: 212-949-2333, (http://www.dt.dk)

Egyptian Tourist Authority: 213-653-8815, (touregypt.net)

Finnish Tourist Board: 212-949-2333, (http://www.travelfile.com/


French Government Tourist Office: 202-659-7779, (www.francetourism.com)

German National Tourist Office: 212-661-7200, (www.germany-tourism.de)

Greek National Tourist Organization: 213-626-6696

Hong Kong Tourist Association: 800-282-HKTA, (http://www.hkta.org)

Iceland Tourist Board: 212-949-2333, (http://www.arctic.is/ITB/)

Government of India Tourist Office: 213-380-8855, (www.tourindia.com)

Indonesia Tourist Promotion Office: 213-387-8309

Ireland: 800-223-6470, (www.shamrock.org)

Israel Government Tourist Office: 800-596-1199, (www.goisrael.com)

Italian Government Tourist Board: 310-820-0098

Japan National Tourist Organization: 415-989-7140, (www.jnto.go.jp)

Kenya Tourist Office: 310-274-6635, (www.africanvacation.com/kenya)

Korea National Tourism Corporation: 213-382-3435, (www.knto.or.kr)

Malaysia: 213-689-9702, (www.tourism.gov.my)

Mexico Government Tourist Office: 800-44-MEXICO, (http://mexico-travel.com)

Morocco Tourism Office: 212-557-2520, (www.kingdomofmorocco.com)

Netherlands Board of Tourism: 310-348-9339, (www.nbt.nl/holland)

New Zealand Tourism Board: 800-388-5494, (http://www.nztb.govt.nz)

Northern Ireland: 800-326-0036, (www.ni-tourism.com

Norwegian Tourist Board: 212-949-2333, (http://www.travelfile.com/


Philippine Department of Tourism: 213-487-4525, (http://www.tourism.gov.ph)

Russia Tourist Office: fax, 212-758-0933, (www.russia-travel.com)

Singapore Tourist Promotion Board: 213-852-1901, (http://www.singapore-usa.com)

South African Tourism Board: 310-641-8444, (www.travel.co.za/travel.html)

Swedish Travel & Tourism Council: 212-949-2333, (http://www.gosweden.org)

Tourist Office of Spain: 213-658-7188, (www.okspain.org)

Switzerland Tourism: 310-640-8900, (www.switzerlandtourism.com)

Tahiti Tourist Promotion Board: 310-414-8484, (www.tahiti-tourisme.com)

Taiwan Visitors Association: 415-989-8677, (www.tbroc.gov.tw)

Tonga North American Marketing Representative: 510-223-1383; Consulate General: 415-781-0365, (www.vacation.tvb.gov.to)

Tourism Authority of Thailand: 213-382-2353, (www.tourismthailand.org)

Turkish Government Tourist Office: 212-687-2194, (http://www.turkey.org/turkey)