The article printed in your online edition titled "Some Utah therapists treat gays with reparative therapy" shows how the politics of psychology are working to prevent clients and therapists from making their own decisions about therapy. Too often, so-called "ethical standards" are used to advance an extremely liberal political agenda. Perfect examples of this are the National Association of Social Workers' and American Psychological Association's use of "ethical" standards to condemn and discourage (or, in my view, intimidate and threaten) therapists from helping people engaged in homosexuality to modify their behavior, and the removal of homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's manual of mental/psychological disorders.

After working/studying in the field of psychology for 11 years, I find one thing is perfectly obvious: Psychology is one of the most amoral, left-wing and anti-religious occupations that exists. It doesn't surprise me at all to see national organizations like the NASW and APA try everything short of outright censorship and government control to prevent therapists and homosexual clients from using "reparative" or other therapy to help change a situation that the clients want to have changed.I don't want gay people who are happy with their lives to be forced into treatment. I also don't want gay people who wish to change their orientation to be denied this opportunity. As always, clients and their therapists should be free to make the ultimate decision about therapy and treatment.

Peter Martin

Jefferson Township, N.J.