Plants have a way of warming up an interior. They give the room a finished look, a welcome feeling and an atmosphere of unity.

With the variety of interior foliage available, plants are a versatile tool for decorating.As a room divider, plants fill the gap with finesse. One well-used idea for dividing a dining/living room area is to place the sofa or love seat at a right angle to the wall. Place a sofa table along the back of the upholstered piece and fill it with plants. Now the room is divided with the hard line of the sofa and softened by the division with the plants, all the while keeping the open feeling originally intended for the room.

Etageres are another way to divide a room. Plants interspersed among the shelves and between other knick-knacks provide a loving interlude between the areas to be divided.

Is there a window with a bad view? Instead of covering it with draperies, try hanging a few plants in front of it. Light provided by the fenestration will continue to be enjoyed, while the less-than-perfect view is camouflaged. Another variation of this theme is to run glass shelves across the window and place several potted plants on them. The pots can all match to achieve a clean look while concentrating the attention on the plants. Or you can collect a variety of interesting pots, all perhaps with some semblance of theme, to create interest via the pots.

When grouping plants in a corner, odd numbers always work best. One tall tree with two shorter plants bunched in front looks good. The smaller plants should be about a third the height of the taller one. If using five plants, three should be of different heights, with two of the same height. Example: one tall, one slightly smaller, two medium and one short.

Kitchens and baths are naturals for foliage because of the moisture that is indigenous to those rooms. It is also easy to water the plants in those rooms because the water supply is right there.

Instead of a canister set in the kitchen, place three plants on the counter. In the bathroom the top of the commode is a good place for a plant, and if space permits, the corner of the tub is another good place for one or more plants.