Lynett, 16, born on March 14, 1982, wants to be adopted by a family where she will feel loved and safe. Despite past extreme abuse, Lynett maintains a positive attitude, is polite and willing to ask for help and rely on adults.

Lynett is behind in school due to developmental delays and the emotional effects of ongoing abuse. Her IQ tests scores vary from the low 70s to the low 90s. Lynett has had a steel rod placed in her spine for scoliosis and she is undergoing major orthodontic work.In the summer of 1995, Lynett came into foster care. She was in a day-treatment program and then placed in a residential treatment center. Although she has made significant progress, she still needs help controlling her emotions and with personal hygiene and interpersonal skills. Ongoing therapy and a structured day treatment program will be necessary when Lynett moves from the residential center into an adoptive family.

It would be best if Lynett could be the only child in the home, though an older sibling might be considered. She also needs to be in a home with no pets. An experienced single mother would be ideal, though two-parent families will be considered. Lynett needs lots of attention, guidance and supervision. She also needs a family that understands the effects of abuse on children and can accept her without shaming her for her past or current behaviors. Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.