Fiery debris rained down on a suburban neighborhood Saturday after a private jet and single-engine plane collided, killing at least five people.

Both pilots and three passengers on the jet were killed, said Preston Hicks, a spokesman with the National Transportation Safety Board.Crews were searching for additional victims, but were hampered by leaking jet fuel and twisted wreckage.

"The (jet) is upside down and it is crushed in its current location. So, we're having to raise the airplane . . . and then we're having to open up the airplane in order to get inside," Hicks said.

The identities of the pilots and passengers were not released.

The jet had just taken off from Peachtree-DeKalb County Airport near Atlanta en route to Harrisburg, Pa., when it collided with the smaller plane at 3,000 to 4,000 feet, Hicks said.

The smaller plane was registered out of Cumming, about 30 miles north of Atlanta.

The planes hit the ground less than a mile apart in a subdivision of single-family homes about 30 miles north of Atlanta. No one on the ground was injured, but stunned residents watched as burning parts of both planes fell onto their yards and even slammed into a house.