Here's a few signs that when you take the field it's not going to be your day:

- Your starting pitcher lasts just a third of an inning.- In one inning, your pitcher strikes out three batters and gives up just one hit - but surrenders four runs.

- In the first two innings your pitching staff issues a whopping 10 free passes.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that Utah lost to BYU Friday afternoon at Cougar field, but what is a shocker is the Utes, down 12-1 in the third inning, came back to scare the life out of BYU before losing 19-18.

Utah trailed 19-12 in the top of the ninth inning, but the Utes wouldn't go down quietly. After BYU pitcher Jeremy Thomas retired Utah pinch hitter Chad Truby, Thomas beaned Sam Swenson then got Ryan Hills to fly out to right.

Nate Forbush then singled and John Summers followed with a three-run homer. Eric Wallace then reached base on an error, and Jared Larson doubled him in.

BYU brought in Tyler Holland to close out Utah, but Mike Wood blasted a shot to left field that cleared both fences and bounced on the road. Just like that Utah had scored seven runs with two outs and closed a one-time 12-1 lead to just one at 19-18.

But that's where Utah's rally ended. Holland then struck out Ben Marziale to end the game.

"It's always and adventure at Cougar field," said BYU coach Gary Pullins. "We've been figuring out how to be very creative to make things interesting for the fans in the stands. That's the way it's been all year for us."

BYU was able to survive Utah's rally thanks in large part to Spencer Oborn, who smashed three home runs, including a grand slam and drove in nine runs on the day.

"They threw me just about everything," Oborn said. "I just tried to stay within myself and not get greedy, but that's sometimes hard to do. I chased a few bad pitches."

"He's a great hitter," Forbush, Utah's catcher said. "The second one he hit out was a good 0-2 pitch that he just reached down and got."

BYU's Ryan Pond hit two home runs. Forbush led the Utes with two home runs and went 5-for-6.

The win improved BYU's conference record to 5-8, while Utah dropped to 1-10.

The two teams meet again at BYU today at noon for a doubleheader.