Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Keri, and GUINN, Nathan, Orem, boy, April 2.

BERRETT, Melissa and Brandon, Taylorsville, girl, April 1.

BUDGE, Heather and Richard, West Jordan, boy, April 2.

COWDELL, Rebekah and Tracy, Sandy, girl, April 1.

GILES, Pamela and Tren, Sandy, boy, April 2.

HENDERSON, Pam and Dean, Riverton, boy, April 2.

JACOBSON, Deborah and Mark, Sandy, girl, April 1.

JENNINGS, Bonnie and Stephen, Sandy, boy, April 2.

SCHOLES, Crystal and Brett, Salt Lake City, girl, April 1.

TOPHAM, Heather and Shawn, Sandy, boy, April 2.

WALKER, Gloria and Christopher, Midvale, boy, April 2.

WALL, Julie, Sandy, boy, April 1.

WESTRA, Christine and Kyle, South Jordan, twin girls, April 3.

WHITNEY, Tiffany and Jason, Midvale, boy, April 2.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

ABPLANALP, Chamen and Steven, North Logan, girl, March 24.

ADAME, Irma and Jose, Ogden, boy, March 13.

BAKER, Lisa and Jared, Washington Terrace, boy, March 18.

BENINCOSA, Cami and Adam, Roy, boy, March 17.

BEUS, Eve and Bradley, Hooper, boy, March 20.

BRAUNBERGER, Natalie and Mark, Ogden, girl, March 17.

CALARINO, Lynette and Steven, Layton, boy, March 23.

CARLSON, Farrah and Brett, Evanston, Wyo., boy, March 19.

CHRISTENSEN, Katherine and Bradley, boy, March 19.

CHRISTENSEN, Carma and Cleo, Riverdale, boy, March 21.

CLARK, Jennifer and Bruce, Morgan, girl, March 17.

CONTRERAS, Floricel and Raul, Ogden, boy, March 20.

COX, Shawna and Roger, South Ogden, girl, March 16.

DOMINGUEZ, Rebecca and Ted, Layton, girl, March 17.

EGBERT, Camille and Richard, Ogden, boy, March 24.

ELLIS, Jerrie and Kelly, Plain City, girl, March 16.

FISHER, Wendy and Joseph, Tremonton, boy, March 16.

GEILMANN, Nancy and Nolan, North Ogden, girl, March 15.

HADLEY, Heidi and Christopher, Ogden, girl, March 20.

HART, Casie and Robert, Morgan, boy, March 16.

HAZEN, Kristen and Richard, Clearfield, boy, March 17.

HEISE, Lori and Evan, Clearfield, girl, March 22.

HERNANDEZ, Yolanda and Juan, Ogden, girl, March 20.

HOOVER, Ticia and Todd, Ogden, boy, March 19.

JAMES, Catherine, and ANDERSON, Christopher, Mountain Green, girl, March 16.

JARVIS, Stacee and Douglas, Roy, boy, March 24.

KAFTON, Elizabeth and Gordon, Ogden, boy, March 19.

KONE, Nichole and Richard, Layton, girl, March 15.

KOWALEWSKI, Brenda and John, Ogden, girl, March 18.

LARSON, Michelle and Clint, Layton, girl, March 15.

LOY, Christy and Thomas, Washington Terrace, girl, March 22.

MAISEY, Teresa and David, Ogden, girl, March 15.

MARQUART, Patricia and Karl, Ogden, boy, March 15.

MARTIN, Le'Andrea and Douglas, Clinton, boy, March 23.

MARTINEZ, Andrea and Vince, South Ogden, girl, March 20.

MARTINEZ, Angela and Kelly, Layton, girl, March 15.

NELSON, Candice and Ryan, Layton, girl, March 19.

NIELSON, Jeanette and Lynn, Roy, boy, March 19.

PENTZ, Jill and Shane, Morgan, boy, March 23.

POULTER, Kathryn and Keith, Ogden, boy, March 18.

RAINFORD, Lindsay and Bradley, Clearfield, boy, March 20.

REBETERANO, Angie, and PRIETO, Robert, Ogden, girl, March 19.

SHETTER, Tanya, and SPANGLER, William, Layton, girl, March 20.

SORG, Kjerstine and Christopher, Layton, girl, March 20.

STIRLING, Kristin and William, Fruit Heights, girl, March 24.

THOMPSON, Krista and Tommy, Ogden, boy, March 17.

THOMSON, Holly and Christopher, Logan, boy, March 24.

VISSER, Jodi and William, Syracuse, girl, March 24.

WIDDISON, Amy and Lorin, North Ogden, girl, March 19.

WIXOM, Jennifer and Michael, Clearfield, girl, March 18.

WOODRING, Jill and Kris, Hooper, girl, March 20.

Cottonwood Hospital-

COYNE, Jennifer, Salt Lake City, boy, April 2.

GRATTON, Deeann and Kirk, Magna, girl, April 2.

HAMILTON, Stephanie and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, April 2.

PETERSEN, Carrie and David, Sandy, girl, April 2.

POLLARD, Theresa and Greg, West Jordan, boy, April 2.

SALAZAR, Melanie and Anthony, Salt Lake City, boy, April 2.

STRONG, Shannon and Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, April 2.

VILLALOBOS, Manuel, and JAYNES, Brenda, Salt Lake City, girl, April 2.

WEBB, Kimara and David, Taylorsville, boy, April 2.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

AUSTIN, Delila and Steven, Ogden, girl, April 2.

CALLOWAY, Rebecca, Roy, girl, April 2.

CARLSON, Heather and Dennis, Ogden, boy, April 1.

CHRISTENSON, Tyese and Bret, Centerville, girl, April 2.

DECKER, Kayla and Garren, Ogden, boy, March 16.

HOTCHKISS, Carol and Jay, Ogden, boy, March 30.

JENNINGS, Stacy and Dale, Layton, boy, April 1.

JENSEN, Janel and Daniel, Layton, boy, March 28.

KERANEN, Katherine and David, Eden, Weber County, boy, April 2.

MARQUEZ, Maria and David, Ogden, girl, April 2.

McBRIDE, Amy and Douglas, Ogden, boy, April 1.

MONTGOMERY, Keli and James, Ogden, girl, April 3.

NABOR, Jamie and Terry, Ogden, girl, April 2.

OKAL, Ayman and Iyad, Kaysville, boy, April 2.

OLSEN, Andrea, and ROLLINS, Jason, Ogden, boy, March 30.

PACKER, Elizabeth and Steven, Smithfield, girl, April 2.

RALLS, Jennifer and Trevor, Ogden, girl, April 2.

RICE, Aimee Jo and John, Layton, girl, April 3.

SLATER, Jennifer and Chad, Ogden, boy, April 1.

SMITH, Sue and Ted, Hooper, girl, March 27.

SWAIN, Camille and Jason, Ogden, girl, March 29.

TAYLOR, Patti and Robert, North Ogden, boy, March 23.

WELLS, Rachel, and CRABB, Kevin, Ogden, girl, April 1.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

SOPHATH, Phear, and SOUS, Sok, West Valley City, boy, April 3.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

AUSENBAUGH, Cory and Jesse, Salt Lake City, boy, April 1.

DEAL, Bobbi, and STILL, Jimmy, Park City, boy, April 2.

SEMADENI, Heidi and Tim, Layton, boy, April 2.