This is in response to J.R. Rush's letter to the editor in the Sunday Deseret News, March 15.

First of all let me correct the title of Mr. Rush's letter. "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is not a play. It is a musical. I believe Mr. Rush's issues of missed "underlying lessons," "sad disintegration" and "triviality" of this "play" are way out of line. This was a musical meant to both entertain and to teach the incredible story of Joseph. If you want to get into such depth in the story of Joseph, then go to the source. "Joseph" is doctrinally correct in many ways, just in a shortened version. "Joseph" would have to be staged as a four-hour drama in order to incorporate all of the messages that you felt were left out. This musical is best used as a teaching moment with your children and or grandchildren. Have fun and then go home and read the real story.In your criticism, you missed great teaching moments. I suggest you purchase the CD to listen and see just how much it does teach, including perseverance, hard work, abstinence, faith in God (yes, it's in there), forgiveness and love. It is all there, beautifully done and purely enjoyable.

"Joseph" was a once in a lifetime experience not available to many people. This was not mass media for $5.50 admission. I had to work an extra shift in order to attend. I think television, radio and things that are easily accessible to our children, that are obviously less than moral, should be the recipients of your concern, judgment and action.

Thanks again to Mr. Osmond and everyone in the show. It was great fun.

Rachelle R. Hawley