"Does the public have the right to know what their children are being taught?"

This question, from a group of citizens, sparked a very heated response from Nebo School District Board members and administrators at their March board meeting. The board and superintendent emphatically claimed that they had more important things to do than answer questions from the public. They denied that they had refused to give information regarding Outcome-Based Education.The public needs information to understand motives behind OBE and the depth to which Utah has implemented it. Getting that information has been almost impossible. Programs connected to OBE have had a devastating affect on the education of our children and a "planned invasion" into the American family.

Citizens at the Nebo board meeting in March asked for open discussions, the right to observe in all meetings except those where personnel matters and land acquisition are discussed, and the right to observe in classrooms. They also suggested that each school have an open-to-the-public display of all curriculums used at that site.

Neither the board nor administrators took kindly to these suggestions. They angrily made excuses, saying they had more important things to do than answer questions. One administrator angrily demanded that he not be quoted.

They find time and money to hold meetings in Park City and go to Pomona, Calif., to listen to Eunice Kennedy Shriver speak on values. They find thousands of dollars to implement a Kennedy value program developed by psychologists and philosophers. It is time they start being accountable to the people who elected them and who pay their salaries.

Dorothy Bryson