Life, or death, for that matter, wasn't easy for the actress who played Trixie on the classic sitcom "The Honeymooners."

"I was the most murdered girl on television," Joyce Randolph said Wednesday, recalling her early days on the little screen.Shortly after she spoke, she was "murdered" yet again - during a Manhattan radio drama show.

Randolph, best known as Ed Norton's TV wife and the thorn in Ralph Kramden's side in "The Honeymooners," appeared with the Cranston & Spade radio troupe in three five-minute mystery dramas.

Playing Madame Chew, a psychic to the stars, in "The Marlene Dietrich Murder Case," Randolph was poisoned by a glass of spiked champagne. But she bounced back moments later for roles in "Rerun" and "April is the Cruelest Month."