Why is it that Jordan School District seems to be the only district in the state that does not give an entire week of school off for spring break? It seems like on really snowy days, Jordan School District would rather endanger our lives than postpone school for one day. Would Jordan School District like to give us a better education or raise our insurance rates because of so many car accidents? It would be so much easier and safer to come to school on a non-snowy day.

First, we are one of the only districts in the state of Utah that does not give their students a full week off for spring break. Kids get so worn out by April that it's miserable. I know plenty of people who would rather go to school in the summer for two more days and get two more days off for spring break. Come on, Jordan School District, give us kids, parents and teachers a break.Second, Jordan School District gives us snow days but is scared to use them. What is the whole point of snow days if you're not going to use them? There has been so much snow this year that it has been hard for some people to even get out of their driveways. We can't use our snow days though. We have to set a record for the district that uses the least amount of snow days.

Finally, I just barely looked at the schedule for next year, and the first day of Christmas break is Dec. 24. Come on, Jordan School District. This is one of the biggest times of the year for many people, and we have to wait for Christmas Eve to fully enjoy it. Isn't giving to others the whole meaning of the Christmas season? Make lives easier for the people of Jordan School District. Don't be stingy with our vacation days.

Spencer Park