Americans today seem to put a lot more emphasis on athletics than they do on academics. High schools put a lot more effort into improving and recognizing their athletes than on future scholars. High school athletics is what high schools are known for; they are rarely known for the well-rounded academic students they produce.

It's not just the high school administrators who lack the enthusiasm for academics but the community and the media. Local news stations provide constant coverage on high school athletes and high school sports and neglect those in high school who have achieved just as much as the celebrated high school athlete.I would like to thank the Deseret News for being a supporter of high school academics. As a Sterling scholar I've enjoyed being a participant in a competition the Deseret News sponsored. It is a good example of how the community and media can recognize academic achievements in Utah's youth.

I encourage the community and media to follow Deseret News' example in showing appreciation for everyone's gifts and achievements.

Kimberly Williams

West Jordan