Robert D. Ward feels he's the most qualified County Commission candidate to resolve issues and concerns over the rise in crime.

Working for the Utah County Sheriff's Office as the director of crime data analysis for the past 18 months has helped him get to that point, he says."I have spent the last year and a half studying crime growth and other serious problems in Utah County. I have also conducted several surveys of the citizens as to their concerns and priorities for county government.

"I fully understand their concerns and feel I am the most qualified candidate to resolve these issues and concerns."

Ward, a Republican candidate for Seat A on the commission, is a first-timer to politics and is finding every day of the campaign a new adventure. However, he feels it's time for elected officials to become responsive to the citizenry and solve problems.

He lists crime growth as just one problem facing the county along with moral decline, population growth management, government efficiency and effectiveness, and the taxpayer's return on investment.

"It takes proven executive management ability to solve these broad, complex issues," he said. "Effective management will accomplish these goals without another tax increase."

Ward, of Spanish Fork, says his 30 years of executive management experience working for North American Aviation on the Apollo and Saturn space programs and as manager of operation for Northrop Grumman Corp. on the stealth bomber program, plus his legal education and proven track record, make him the right person to choose to manage Utah County's government.

He was raised in Brigham City and retired to Utah when he had the opportunity. He feels his experience in managing billions of government dollars could be useful to Utah County.

"There was a time when the ability to solve a few technical issues was adequate to obtain citizen support in the county. How-ever, the citizens are now expressing their concern with serious problems that have been ignored and have gotten worse over the past four years.

"The alarming growth in crime, the decline in moral values, the unmanaged population growth combined with property tax increases has led many citizens to the conclusion that taxes are not only too high but are being spent on the wrong issues."