A judge has ruled to allow testimony of three alleged victims in the rape trial of Stacey Nelson-Waggoner, who was acquitted in February in the first of seven trials scheduled against him.

First District Judge Ben Hadfield's ruling comes after a Utah Supreme Court decision that allows evidence from other prior bad acts of a defendant, if the evidence could demonstrate a method of operation.The high court's decision came a week after Nelson-Waggoner was acquitted in the first trial in February.

Cache County Deputy Attorney Don Linton said he probably lost the first case because he wasn't allowed to let Nelson-Waggoner's other alleged victims testify in the case.

A former Utah State University student, Nelson-Waggoner is charged with raping four USU students and sexually assaulting two others in 1996 and 1997. During his February trail, Nelson-Waggoner testified he had consensual sex with his accuser and did not rape her.