In regard to the editorial cartoon published in the Deseret News on March 26, which portrayed gun owners as enemies of society: How tragic it is that this "civilized" society fails to recognize what our kids watch on TV, etc., directly affects them in their daily routine. As parents, we're no longer allowed to discipline our kids when they go too far, so we jump on anything to lay the blame on. As a result, every time some individual makes an independent decision to do something tragically stupid that has dire results, you, the public, stereotype anyone that resembles that wrongdoer and insist on punishing all of us, and that's not right.

For example, what if those two kids in Arkansas had used a stolen vehicle or a compound bow and arrow to murder? Should we as a self-righteous society ban these as weapons, too? Remember this: People kill people, not guns, not knives, not sharp pencils. These are tools that can be used for good or evil. Punish the person or persons guilty of the crime and them alone. Not me or the thousands like me who respect the laws and have shown you no reason to mistrust us.For once in your life, get off this anti-gun bandwagon you're riding and see, and do, what's right, not what's popular with the crowd. Realize too, those two boys will never receive any sort of punishment for what they did because you, the public, will take pity on them and tell the soft-hearted judges that they are misunderstood, innocent children. And to the Deseret News, your choice of editorial cartoons stinks.

Derek Howells

Salt Lake City