It turns out those plans for a $20 million egg-laying farm in Millard County are not as absolute as one company official indicated Wednesday.

Chris Hall, construction manager for Latco in Lincoln, Ark., had said that plans for a consortium of three companies to build the 1.5-million chicken farm were "absolutely a go."But Dick Latta, owner of Latco and president of Sunbest Farms, one of the consortium members, said later Wednesday he is not yet positive Millard County will get the farm.

"It is not a done deal yet," Latta said. "We are working with some financial people and do not have it pinned down."

He said he told county residents at a Tuesday meeting in Delta that a few issues need to be resolved before the consortium makes its decision. Hall's statements were the result of miscommunication, he said.

Latta said the three consortium companies - Sunbest, Olson Farms of Ontario, Calif., and Continental Grain Co. of New York - do have an option to buy the land for the proposed farm, which would be about 14 miles northwest of Delta. But the consortium still needs to select a lender and gain approval from the local planning commission, Latta said.

"There are two or three little hurdles to get through yet before it is an absolute go," he said.