You know the story.

It has all the ingredients of a pocketbook novel. Jealousy, slavery, violence, sex (don't get your hopes up - this is the Hale Center Theater we're talking about here), intrigue, deception, politics."Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is already household fodder here in Utah. So the HCT/O version is one more opportunity to see another interpretation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical.

The high energy presentation at the Hale is great family entertainment. It's a treat to watch the large cast of dancers and singers pull this off on a small stage. If you choose to sit on the front row, keep your arms and legs in - you'll be inches away from the rapid movements of the performers, including Mike Gray, who as Jacob might wipe a make-believe tear from your cheek.

The Hale uses two casts of 29 performers each, with Jen Webb and Ashley Jarrett alternating as the narrator.

Joseph, played aptly and alternatively by TJ Young, is the favorite of Jacob, who has 12 sons. Joseph, the daydreamer, is the nightmare of his brothers, particularly after Jacob gives him a dazzling coat of many colors.

By now, the musical version is probably familiar to the majority of Utah theatergoers - Joseph is kidnapped . . . sold to a band of Egypt-bound Ismaelites . . . packed off to jail after Potiphar's seductive wife accuses him of unspeakable acts (the whole show, in fact, is unspeakable - it's done entirely in song). Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams, then is named second in command to oversee Egypt through seven fat years and seven lean ones . . . and the big climax when Joseph is reunited with his family.

The Lloyd Webber/Rice "Joseph" is really about modern times and modern music - rock, mostly. It's just set in ancient times, probably for the revealing costumes. But this version is family modest.

Potiphar's wife is alluringly performed by Brook Martin, with Pharaoh played by Gordy "The Pelvis" Villarini.

Pharaoh likes Joseph's interpretation so well - you know, seven years of bull market and seven years of bear - that he places him where he can keep an eye on him: next in command.

Then, when the bear cycle begins to kick in, Joseph's family makes the trek to Egypt. After all, they're hungry. Joseph gives them a handout and sends them on their way, but not before playing a dirty trick on them - planting a gold cup in younger brother Benjamin's (Jared Pulham) pack.

When they're all brought back to face charges, Joseph reveals to them who he is, and they decide to settle in for a few centuries until Charlton Heston comes to rescue them. But that's another story.