Police here are still struggling to pin down the motive behind a shooting death last week, but they say it appears to have been a drug culture clash.

It's being made more difficult, police say, because many of those involved with the 19-year-old victim are methamphetamine users - also known as "tweekers.""We're getting information from a lot of the people we're interviewing that this was a drug-related incident, a local dispute," said Detective Sgt. Mike Ashment. "But we're dealing with paranoid tweekers so it's still in the preliminary stages."

Alfredo Arias Gomez, 22, was arraigned on a murder charge Monday in 2nd District Court in the March 23 shooting of Wayne Hillaker. He waived extradition last week after he was arrested in Bozeman, Mont., by officers acting on information from Ogden police. Bail was set at $100,000.

Gomez will be back in court Wednesday when public defenders argue for a bail reduction and Judge Michael Glasmann sets a preliminary hearing date.