A Utah Transit Authority contractor is rebuilding a disabled-access ramp it recently completed as part of the light-rail passenger station on Main Street between 100 South and South Temple.

The contractor, Jacobsen Construction Co., should have the ramp replaced within a week. The original ramp was too steep.It has not been decided whether Jacobsen will be held financially responsible for the work, estimated at about $2,500. UTA spokeswoman Coralie Alder said UTA believes the ramp was designed correctly by an engineering firm but is negotiating with Jacobsen as to how much of the cost, if any, the contractor must bear.

Some people who observed workers Monday called UTA saying the tracks, recently placed down the middle of Main Street on that block, also were being removed. That is not the case, Alder said.

The $312 million Transit Express (TRAX), a 15-mile transit system from Sandy to Salt Lake City, is to be completed in early 2000.