University of North Carolina chancellor Michael Hooker said Tuesday he is "outraged" that Tar Heels basketball player Makhtar Ndiaye falsely accused a Utah player of a racial slur.

Hooker also said he is continuing to gather information before determining what, if any, action might be taken by the university."I know he's from Senegal and a different culture," Hooker said by telephone.

"But you would think being in the U.S. as long as he has that you just don't falsely accuse people of racism. . . . I'm still in shock.

"I'm aware that Makhtar had trouble controlling his temper on the court. But he had time to think. . . . We take pride in building character. It's the greatest justification for athletics - education, building character." Hooker said all of his information came from newspaper accounts and that he was collecting more facts concerning the incident.

The incident received national attention Sunday, the off-day before the national championship game.

Ndiaye on Saturday night said that Utah player Britton Johnsen called him "the N-word" during the semifinal game, which Utah won 65-59. Johnsen, who is white, denied using a racial slur and said Ndiaye spat on him during the game.

Ndiaye on Monday admitted that he fabricated the story.

Hooker said he sent letters of apology to Johnsen, Utah coach Rick Majerus and university president Bernard Machen.