Having followed the U.S. Olympic hockey team's problems closely since its return from Nagano, I found John Robinson's March 17 editorial in which he compared the hockey team with the United States and the U.N. dues debacle quite enlightening.

Upon my initial reading of Robinson's editorial, I sensed that perhaps he over-generalized the guilty party of the Nagano mess. Despite the fact that the damage done to the hotel was done by only two or three team members, Robinson essentially blamed the destruction on the entire team, instead of pointing out that only a select number of players were at fault. In the editorial, every member of the team was guilty by association. I understand that Robinson was only making the generalization to illustrate the comparison of the hockey team's actions with the government's refusal to pay its U.N. dues.Robinson couldn't have been more on the money. The actions of two or three members of a team soiled the reputation of the entire team and an entire nation. As a sports fan, I must admit that my knowledge of the recent U.N. mess is not extensive, but Robinson's editorial has shown us all that the negative actions of a few can negatively effect the way the rest of the world views our country.

Both the hockey team and the government have let us down.

Joel White