Pepe LePew would be proud.

Skunk lovers from across the country showed their stripes over the weekend, hoping their little critters would win such titles as "friendliest skunk" and "most talented skunk" at the 11th annual National Skunk Show.The contestants were judged for unusual markings and personality - in seven color classes and four age classes. Black, white, brown, striped and nonstriped skunks - even one with three legs - were included in the show.

"We don't breed them to an ideal, and we don't want to because we don't want snobs owning skunks. We want you to own a skunk because you love one," said Jane Bone, a member of Skunks as Pets.

The contest was nothing to wrinkle your nose at, either. Since they are bred for pets, all the skunks were odorless.

"We just like getting together once a year to brag and show off our babies," said Lynnda Butler of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., whose black-and-white skunk, Bushi, took first place in the "best tail" category.