Novell Inc.'s BrainShare '98 went out with a smash and a buzz Friday.

The loudest applause from the thousands in attendance at the final session of the Provo/Orem-based computer networking company's conference came with two unexpected actions.First, during a supposed demonstration of a competitor's product, Microsoft Windows NT, a Novell employee could not get his server to work. So, with the encouragement of the Salt Palace crowd, he ripped out the computer's cords and threw it off the stage, letting it crash to the floor about 20 feet below.

Minutes later, Novell's chief scientist, Drew Major, commented on his dislike for the BrainShare logo, a cartoon image of a smiling person with a globe on his head.

To show his feelings, Major fired up a chain saw and cut into the leg of a huge, three-dimensional version of the logo on the stage behind him.

"He'd better get the message he doesn't need to be here next year," Major said.

But there was time Friday for serious business, including the honoring of three Utah high school students with Young Network Professional Scholarship Awards.

Orem High School student David Madsen won first place and a $2,000 scholarship. Madsen installed, configured and is now administering networks at the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce and has been an intern at the Novell SuperLabs since last year.

Second prize and $1,500 went to Dave Pagano, a senior at Roy High School. Matthew Sherwood Rogers, a senior at Lehi High School, took third place and a $1,000 scholarship.

Winners of the awards, sponsored by Novell and the Utah State Office of Education, were selected from among students who have pursued Novell training while in high school and have demonstrated high-tech experience and leadership abilities.

Earlier in the week, Novell announced that it will provide native platform and development support for computer microprocessor manufacturer Intel Corp.'s IA-64 processor architecture in 1999.

The Novell system, now code-named "Modesto," will offer high-speed performance for businesses, the company said.