"We did the same thing that we've done all season long - play defense and things like that. There wasn't any changes."

- Alex Jensen

"Everybody was picking Kentucky and North Carolina. That kind of took some of the pressure off. It let us go out there and play free. We're playing like this might be our only chance to be here."

- Alex Jensen

"It has definitely sunk in because I believe we can win it. One more game and it's really going to be wild in there."

- David Jackson

"I feel failure. I had one goal . . . to win a national championship. We didn't do that. I feel that is a letdown."

- Ed Cota

"Once they went into the triangle-and-two, it was tough to score. When I penetrated, they trapped and tried to strip the ball. They had a good game plan and they were successful with it."

- Shammond Williams

"They came out ready to play at the buzzer and we didn't get started until seven or eight minutes into the game. It was like a marathon. They started with a one kilometer lead and we were always chasing them. When we closed the gap, they sprinted the straightaway and won the race."

- Ademola Okulaja