Five minutes into the game, Jeff Judkins knew Utah would win.

In fact, the Utah assistant coach would have taken on all bets - if he were a betting man, that is.Judkins said that at that point, the game was going just as Utah coach Rick Majerus had charted it.

"I told you before the game that if we could keep this to a halfcourt game we'd win. Well, we kept it to a halfcourt game," he said.

"We'd put on pressure, then we'd back off. We confused them. Then we'd pressure again. We needed to make sure we didn't give up any transition baskets and no easy shots. We were going to make them beat us, not us beat ourselves.

"From the very beginning we made them shoot over us. And (Mike) Doleac, what a job he did on (Antawn) Jamison. This is the greatest offensive rebounding team I've ever seen and if we hadn't put a body on them they would have gotten a lot more. They are as strong and as athletic a team as I've ever seen.

"But it worked perfectly, just like coach planned."