Alta View Hospital-

BUTTON, Angela and Richard Oliver, Timberlakes, girl, March 25.

CHIDESTER, Evelyn and Conway, Riverton, girl, March 26.

CHRISTENSEN, Kelly and Jason, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

COPFER, Tabitha and Russell, West Jordan, girl, March 25.

CREASEY, Jennifer and Andrew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

DYER, Kami and Brandon, Draper, boy, March 25.

FITCH, Teri and Scott, Sandy, girl, March 26.

FLINDERS, Ann and HOSTETLER, Anthony, Sandy, boy, March 26.

FREDRICK, Natalie and Jared, Salt Lake City, girl, March 26.

HUGHSTON, Jennifer and Dallas, Sandy, girl, March 27.

KENYON, Deana and James, Draper, girl, March 27.

KESLER-DAY, Christina and Michael, Draper, boy, March 27.

LARSON, Sherry and Thom, South Jordan, girl, March 25.

LUCKAU, Amy Jo and Brian, West Jordan, boy, March 26.

McBRIDE, Natalie and Renndale, Sandy, girl, March 26.

McCARTHY, Mindi and Ryan, Sandy, boy, March 26.

PROCTOR, Tammy and Curtis, Salt Lake City, boy, March 25.

SMITH, Gail and Curtis, Draper, boy, March 26.

WORTHINGTON, Susan and Rob, Salt Lake City, boy, March 25.

ZITTING, Jennifer and Allen, Riverton, boy, March 26.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

KYNASTON, Mamie and Troy, West Valley City, boy, March 27.

MUELLER, Cheryl and HICKMON, Donald, Salt Lake City, boy, March 27.

ROBINSON, Steffanie and Ashley, Holladay, girl, March 27.

RYNIO, Kimberly, Midvale, girl, March 27.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ASHBY, Valerie, Murray, girl, March 26th

BECKSTROM, Erica and PRICE, Robert, Kearns, girl, March 26th

BURT, Melanie and Patrick, West Jordan, girl, March 26th

CASEY, Lisa and Michael, West Valley, boy, March 26th

HANDLEY, Lydia and Matt, Salt Lake City, girl, March 24th

HARPER, Brenda and Frank, West Jordan, March 26th

MENLOVE, Kimberly and Den, West Jordan, girl, March 26th

PETERSEN, Linda and Boyd, Riverton, girl, March 26th

WRIGHT, Laura and Steven, West Jordan, boy, March 25th

LDS Hospital-

BANKS, Jessica and Peter,N. Salt Lake, boy, March 27

BERG, Kristine and Rodger, boy, Salt Lake City, March 27

CLARK, Caryn and Timothy, N. Salt Lake, March 27

ENRIQUEZ & VILCHEZ, Bertha and Victor, N. Salt Lake, girl, March 27

JANJUA, Della and Shahbaz, West Jordan, girl, March 27

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BAGLEY, Carrie and Jarrod, Lehi, girl, Feb. 25.

BARNEY, Cori and Richard, Springville, girl, Feb. 19.

BATTY, Rhonda and Clinton, Provo, girl, Feb. 21.

BENSON, Marci and Justin, Mt. Pleasant, girl, Feb. 24.

BINGHAM, Tiffany and Marion, Mapleton, boy, Feb. 18.

BOYKIN, Brenda, Salt Lake City, boy, Feb. 20.

BROOKS, Andrea and William, Orem, boy, Feb. 22.

BURGI, Lenore and Scott, Woodland Hills, girl, Feb. 24.

COLEMAN, Laura and Kevin, Springville, boy, Feb. 17.

DRANEY, Jodi and Shawn, Orem, girl, Feb. 20.

DURRANT, Alicia and Rick, American Fork, girl, Feb. 25.

ELDER, Heidi and Raymond, Provo, boy, Feb. 18.

ENGLAND-WELLS, Debby and Mike, Orem, boy, Feb. 24.

FARNSWORTH, Celeste and Robert, Moab, girl, Feb. 17.

FLINDT, Lisa and Kyle, Orem, girl, Feb. 19.

GILES, Nichole and Gary, Pleasant Grove, girl, Feb. 20.

GOODWIN, Angaleen and Bret, Provo, boy, Feb. 18.

GOWANS, Julie and Benjamin, Payson, boy, Feb. 24.

HEATON, Kirstie and Matthew, Orem, boy, Feb. 24.

HERRING, Corinne and Aaron, Provo, boy, Feb. 24.

HIGGINS, Meilanie and Michael, Provo, boy, Feb. 25.

HOWARD, Jenifer and Trevor, Provo, feb. 23.

IRVIN, Alisa and Brandon, Springville, girl, Feb. 21.

JEFFREY, Kelly and Steven, Orem, girl, Feb. 17.

JOHNSON, Ora and Troy, Orem, boy, Feb. 23.

KAY, JaNae and Blair, Nephi, girl, Feb. 23.

KENNEDY, Jennifer and Levi, Provo, girl, Feb. 19.

KHAUV, Katherine and Than, Provo, boy, Feb. 20.

KINNEY, Shauna and Scott, Provo, boy, Feb. 22.

LAURITSEN, JuliAnn and James, Heber City, boy, Feb. 23.

LOWE, Lori and Elden, Springville, boy, Feb. 17.

LUDLOW, Amy and Gregg, Pleasant Grove, boy, Feb. 21.

MALOY, Carmen and Daniel, Orem, girl, Feb. 22.

MONSIVAIS, Rebecca and George, Provo, girl, Feb. 20.

OCHOA, Maricela and Rovis, Provo, boy, Feb. 19.

ODDEN, Tami Jo and TORRES, Odden, Orem, girl, Feb. 22.

PERRY, Jaunee and John, Provo, girl, Feb. 24.

RAWLE, Michelle and Michael, Springville, girl, Feb. 19.

REDFORD, Amy and Mark, Orem, boy, Feb. 25.

RIGGINS, Heather and Jolley, Salina, girl, Feb. 24.

ROBERTSON, Collette and HEALEY, Robert, Orem, girl, Feb. 25.

RUIZ, Raquel and Juan, Orem, girl, Feb. 25.

SAVAGE, Valorie and David, Orem, girl, Feb. 19.

SHEETS, Dana and Douglas, Midway, boy, Feb. 18.

SHIELDS, Heidi and Eric, Orem, girl, Feb. 24.

SORENSEN, Stacy and Kyle, Orem, girl, Feb. 22.

TENNEY, Lisa and Scott, Orem, boy, Feb. 25.

THUESON, Andrea and Ryan, Provo, boy, Feb. 20.

VILBURN, Melanie and Christopher, Provo, girl, Feb. 22.

WARNICK, Shawna and Chad, Provo, boy, Feb. 25.

WHITE, Michelle and Jesse, Orem, girl, Feb. 24.

WILLIAMS, Lizbeth and Lance, Price, boy, Feb. 24.